Éditeur Arnaud Bizalion éditeur
Spécificités 24 x 17 cm ; épaisseur : 2 cm ; illustrations en couleur ; reliure : Relié
ISBN 9782369801863
EAN 9782369801863
Thème Peinture -- Peintres, Monographie

4e de couverture

Présentation en anglais

Redefine the spaces in which our lives manifest themselves, and to reconsider the set boundaries of life and death, of how we can turn our existence into an experiment again, that is : in actual life.

We then come to contemplate why he places his art under the sign of « care »: caring for the world, caring for the body, caring for art, caring for oneself, and all at once-for they are the same. Ultimately, this book is a silent, sensual, lively, intimate manifesto: it does not take anything for granted, does not critique anything. It is a pure force of assertion, of life : questioning is never a negative endeavor, always a reconstruction of the world that is to be, in the promised land of ecstatic life ; because such is the place -the book- that Dadoune inhabits in reality. We no longer think in terms of biography, fake or real, not even in terms of conscious and unconscious: we are in the spiritual landscape of art.

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